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Information about KVAH

The chamber music series in Allhelgonakyrkan (The All Saints' Church) was started in 1988 by Bengt Forsberg and organist Wivi-Ann Axelsson. Allhelgonakyrkan is quite simply one of the finest spaces for chamber music in Stockholm, perhaps in all of Sweden. The size is perfect, seating a little more 250 people. The acoustics are marvelous, it makes no difference where one sits. The space can be filled equally well by a solo voice or instrument as by a chamber orchestra or a choir. The goal of the Friends of Chamber Music at Allhelgonakyrkan (KVAH) is to produce at least one concert a month to give everyone the opportunity to experience chamber music in this unique venue. In addition we have a summer festival each year.

The Friends of Chamber Music is a non-profit organization which produces and supports the chamber music series, in close collaboration with the Katarina Parish, which is represented on the board of directors by organist Gregory Lloyd. Support from the chamber music society's membership complements the board's and artistic director Bengt Forsberg's voluntary work.

The story behind Allhelgonakyrkan

The intention was to build a wooden church which after about 10 years would be replaced by a stone one. The architect Joel Norborg used a Swedish country church from the 18th century as his model. The church was consecrated in 1918 by Archbishop Nathan Söderblom, who also gave the church its name. The society owned the church and allowed Katarina Parish the use of it free of charge on the condition that the parish paid for operating expenses.

In 1930, when the church was in danger of being closed and torn down, the society "Friends of Allhelgonakyrkan" was founded. For many years the Friends paid the operative costs of the church and in 1958 the society received the church as a gift from the original owner. In 1972 the Friends passed on the ownership of the church to Katarina Parish.

The first concert in the chamber music series at the Allhelgonakyrkan was given in 1988. In 1999 the society KVAH "Friends of Chamber Music at Allhelgonakyrkan" (not to be confused with the earlier organization "Friends of Allhelgonakyrkan") was established.


Membership in Kammarmusikens Vänner i Allhelgonakyrkan, KVAH, is 250 SEK a year per person. Use PlusGiro-number 4875908-8 and write your e-mail address as well as home address. That way you receive information more quickly about coming events.

*Membership is per calendar year.


Members receive, in addition to their other benefits, an e-mail before each concert. To others who are interested in receiving information but aren't members, we send a short overview three times a year of the upcoming concerts. The newsletter is in Swedish but the information about the concerts is easy to understand. In order to receive these newsletters send an email to info@kammarmusikens-vanner.se and give your email address and that you would like information from us. Of course, we promise not to use the information for any other purpose and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Contact us


c/o Nils-Göran Olve
Saltsjöqvarns kaj 5
131 71 Nacka

E-mail: info@kammarmusikens-vanner.se

Swish-number: 123 116 23 46
PlusGiro 4875908-8

Board of directors

after the annual meeting 2022-02-25

Chairman: Nils-Göran Olve
Vice-chairman: Lars Bäcklund
Treasurer: Per Bäckström
Additional board members:
Kristian Gustavson
Lars-Ingmar Karlsson
Gunnar Lanzky-Otto
Claes Schalén
Jan Silverudd
Ann-Sofie Westelius
Appointed by Katarina: Gregory Lloyd
Artistic director: Bengt Forsberg

Bengt Forsberg, artistic director

Photo: Arto Tulima

Bengt Forsberg was born in 1952 and received his musical training at the Music Conservatory in Göteborg, where he graduated with a degree in piano as well as organ and cantorship. He continued his studies with internationally recognized pianists.

Bengt Forsberg has achieved a unique position in the musical life of Sweden as a pianist, chamber musician and accompanist, including a long collaboration with Anne Sofie von Otter. His repertoire is unusually broad and planning discussions with the board take up both works by little known composers and little known works by well known composers. The result is wonderful concerts with many of Sweden's finest musicians.