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Since 1999 KVAH has hosted more than 300 concerts in which at least 150 musicians have participated, some many times. During his more than thirty years of collaboration with Allhelgonakyrkan Bengt Forsberg has participated in approximately 200 concerts.

Chamber music concerts in Allhelgonakyrkan have become a tradition. They began when Bengt Forsberg became friends with an organist in the Katarina parish and started giving occasional concerts in Allhelgonakyrkan, which some time in the 1980's became a concert series. Since 1999 when the friends of chamber music at Allhelgonakyrkan (KVAH) was started we have arranged the series in collaboration with the parish. During September–June there is approximately one concert per month, where KVAH does the programming, preparations, marketing and hosts the concert. During the summer for the last approximately twenty years, with the help of support from various organizations, we have been able to arrange a festival around various themes (see below) where outstanding musicians meet for a week of intensive chamber music in different combinations. There is now even a children's concert in a loose connection to the festival. The festival takes place in Allhelgonakyrkan but is KVAH's responsibility.


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