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Our traditional concert between Christmas and New Year 2020 unfortunately had to be canceled due to the pandemic so we did not get the opportunity to hear Kati Raitinen and Bengt Forsberg perform the unusual and exciting program with sonatas for cello and piano by Henriëtte Bosmans, Maria Bach and Rita Strohl.

While waiting for Kati and Bengt's CD recording of the three sonatas, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2021, two of the three very worthwhile works can be found online. Maria Bach's sonata, which Kati and Bengt played at our summer festival 2019 does not seem to be available, but the sonatas by Henriëtte Bossmans and Rita Strohl, who are probably new acquaintances for most, are available on YouTube. The textual comments to the concert in Swedish are found here.


Henriëtte Bosmans (1895-1952)
Cello sonata in a-minor from 1919 can be found on Youtube, for instance on link youtube.com/watch?v=9DIC7KXa3jk


Maria Bach (1896–1978)
Sonata for cello and piano in c-minor from 1924 wasn't found on YouTube but some of her chamber music can be found by searching for Maria Bach (1896–1978).


Rita Strohl (1865–1941)
”Titus et Bérénice”, dramatic sonata for violoncell and piano, from 1892, can be found on youtube.com/watch?v=1xC6FNRAb-8.